Holiday Tattoo in Turkey


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We created the blog to share our “tattoo life”. On one hand we work as tattoo artists, on the other hand we get tattoos.

This is a story of our apprentice and friend . Lets give her a nickname not to disclose her real name,“ Loiusa Red Head “ ,Loiusa in short.


Louisa had a chest piece tattoo designed by her friend, a resident tattooist in Juju, let’s name her Karla.



Karla designed it two years ago when she was 8 months pregnant, about the time to deliver. She started the outline of the tattoo but because of the unbelievable back pain she had, she was unable to continue. Then Karla had her baby and was very busy, every mum will probably know the reason.

Because they were friends and they they meet almost every day, they didn’t rush with making an appointment to finish it. A half done outline is not really attractive, as any tattooed person may know.

Anyway, somehow they were postponing the tattoo appointment.

Tattooists will always focus more on customers since they know they can “do” their friends ANY time. The friends are around all the time. That ANY time may become LONG time easily…


After two years ,the tattoo was still not finished. Louisa was going on a long planned holiday to Turkey. Karla didn’t speak to her about it but she fought she would eventually do the tattoo after the holiday. The sun is a fresh tattoo worst enemy. It would make the color on the tattoo fade a lot.

And in Turkey there is a lot of sun.


Louisa went on her holiday. She enjoyed a lot and being a great tattoo lover she felt an itch to get a new tattoo.

She went to one of the tattoo shops there. First she had a small tattoo to mark her journey to Turkey. Innocent thing to do. She built up her appetite and ended up having the chest tattoo finished by a random artist, who charged her 70 pounds for it.


When the holiday aura slowly disappeared and her foot touched the British land, she realized that was a mistake. As a tattoo artist herself she should know better 🙂

She did all the things that we do repeat every time to our customers. “Don’t get a big tattoo on holiday”,” If one tattooist started work, always have him to finish it, unless he is no good”, “The tattooist who designed the tattoo will always do the tattoo the best “, “ After getting a tattoo don’t tan in the sun , especially when it’s  a color tattoo’”.

Karla felt very ashamed when she saw the tattoo, she should have finished the tattoo long time ago.

But every tattoo is valid as it tells a story… 🙂


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